Kitchen Options

Getting started with your new kitchen.

You’ve probably got some ideas for your new space. Because the kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook, you can have fun exploring design ideas. How can I use this nook for that purpose? What’s my current space lacking?

It’s one of the most dynamic rooms in the house to redesign. And we’ll help you discover (and create) your dream space. Chances are, you’ve done your own design research, inspired by Instagram and Pinterest collages. Maybe your friends have recently renovated and you’ve taken some ideas from their design. With what seems like limitless kitchen design options, it can get overwhelming, even for the most savvy Instagram scroller.

designs of new kitchen builds

Let us transform that vision into a reality.

With all the ideas that are in your head, it’s important to sit down, explore each option, and see how they all intersect. This is where we come in. With over decades of experience creating all types of modern and vintage style kitchen spaces, we can help bring each facet you like into a cohesive design. From the size and style of cabinets you choose to the brand of tapware, there are various components that when brought together, tell a story. Your story.

Some of the design options you have include choosing from laminated, marble, granite or Ceasar stone benchtops; glass, tiles or metaline for your splashback; or the huge variety of colours and textures.

The most popular sought out kitchens are 2-Pac with either flat panel doors or shakers doors.


A good kitchen layout.

We see it all the time. Homeowners get excited about how their kitchen will look, more than the way it’ll improve the way they cook, entertain or any other way they use the space. We get it – this is how it should be. You’re the dreamer, the visionary. Then, we come in and create that dream, in the most functional way. At Baldetti, we’re master craftsmen with an understanding of how kitchens should operate.

This means spending the time getting to know how you live, not just what you like, aesthetically. A good kitchen layout is a must, especially for the busy family. It’s important to have everything on hand. Your essential appliances should be in reach of your sink and cooking worktops. Natural light is essential, too. Give thought to the placement of your windows to determine your access to light (as well as airflow). You will have individual zones in the space where you perform certain tasks. For example, there should be ample illumination over the benchtop for preparing meals (while your kids do their homework). Thinking about an island benchtop? Softer, pendant lighting could be a good choice. For your cabinets, they’ll provide ample storage for your kitchen products to keep everything functional and uncluttered.


Staying within budget.

It’s tempting to want to choose the most luxurious product or material for your renovation or new space. But by partnering with a professional design team like us, we can guide you where best to put your dollars. A certain brand of door handle might be sufficient, compared to another that’s commanding a higher price tag. Taking this approach, we can help you save money or use it elsewhere for something that’s more visible. It’s not always easy to stay on budget, especially when it comes to something as emotional like your home. Achieving it, without sacrificing on anything, comes back to understanding your lifestyle needs – which is then reflected in the design layout. Our team will spend hours with you to visualise how you plan to use the space and problem solving the ways that it’s currently not serving you.


Designer features.

From cost-effective solutions through to luxurious designs, our team has experience designing all types of spaces. If you’d like to further reiterate the kitchen being the real centrepiece of your home, a few design add-ons can help achieve this.

Let us create innovative, eye-catching designs using top end products and materials. We typically opt for quality brands, but if luxury is your thing, we can take this one step further in the original design. Offering outstanding value for money, our creations range from classic styles with textured doors, through to modern looks with the latest high-gloss finishes and trendy colour palette. See the examples for a taste of the type of work we’ve done before. If you can’t find the design that sets you alight, that’s okay. Every kitchen is different and these are just options. No other kitchen will look exactly like yours.

Consider how you’d like to add your personality into the room – through appliances, benchtops, doors, drawers, fitments, and sinkware. What do you want the space to ‘say’? What experience are we creating?


What to expect.

Because every kitchen is different, there’s not one one-size-fits-all approach. It depends on your house, the room size, whether we’re just adding a few new features or stripping the entire space, and any individual needs you have (such as timeframes). You might be selling your property and require a fast turnaround before you put it on the market. There are many factors involved in the process.

However, the first step we take is always the home inspection and site assessment. If your house hasn’t been built yet, we’ll ask for the plans or an idea of your kitchen space. We need to know how much space we’ve got to work with, as well as the type of layout. Our designers take the part of getting to know you and your needs very seriously. By doing this, we can throw in ideas that you might not have even considered before.

Then, we’ll prepare a quote for your cabinets, benchtops, and fittings. This estimate will include plumbing and electrical work, as we’re a full-service design company. Upon approval, the renovation (or build) begins. Depending on the specifics of the project, it might look something like this:


  • Disconnect the plumbing and electrics
  • Remove old kitchen and install the new components
  • Reconnect all electrics
  • Install the benchtops
  • Fitout of cooktops and sinks
  • Reconnect water.


Joe and Michael take care of the installation process. When it comes to other tradespeople who are required to work with us (like electricians, plumbers and tilers), we have a reliable external team who we regularly use. These professionals coordinate well with our team, with Maria being the one and only point of contact. This makes the process smooth and easy.