Kitchen Installations

30 years designing & installing kitchens.

Our master craftsmen have installed thousands of kitchens in South Australia. You can spot a Baldetti design as it has our stamp of approval on it. While there’s plenty of design teams around, it’s hard to beat a 30-year history. Our team have built and renovated every type of kitchen you can imagine. We’ve built a reputation for only using premium parts and materials, so your space will withstand the many functions of a modern kitchen – for cooking, entertaining, and working. By hiring us, you get the peace of mind of only having to deal with one contact, one company. Whether it’s a remodel or a new kitchen build, our process is as stress-free as it gets. Over the past three decades, we’ve perfected our processes – to complete transformations in the shortest space of time, without compromising on quality.

install a new kitchen in ym home

No cookie-cutter designs.

The most important thing to understand with kitchens is every version is unique. No two designs should be the same because no two houses or lifestyles are identical. This is why we believe every space should be custom designed. At Baldetti, we design, manufacture and install kitchens to the highest possible standard. The way we can guarantee this is by doing it all in-house. We don’t hire out tradespeople for certain parts of the job. It’s all done by a qualified, experienced Baldetti installer.

Your lifestyle needs change with time, too. What worked for you five years ago might no longer suit. Today, a kitchen isn’t just a place where Mum cooks dinner. It’s become the centre of family living. We come together there to socialise, whether it’s over a glass of wine or cup of coffee. It’s a more relaxed ‘office’ or ‘study area.’ Your kitchen should reflect your current needs beyond aesthetics. The layout will match your lifestyle. Every Baldetti space is individually designed and built to your exact specifications and requirements.

There’s no specific style but the Baldetti Kitchens brand is known to provide fully-customised kitchens to tailor all specific needs and requirements. We can also provide complete house fit-outs (such as laundries, vanities, linens, and wardrobes).


The installation process.

The time it takes us to install your kitchen depends on a range of factors such as the chosen products, size of the space, and repairing any previous damage. The process could involve us replacing older plumbing before we start remodelling the area. Structural changes, like taking down a wall to open up a space, requires a professional and shouldn’t be tackled by the budding DIY’r.

Let us take care of the whole process – design, demolition, drywall, flooring, tiles, cabinet installations, electrical work (fixtures, parts and labour), plumbing, appliances, countertops, and paint. We’ll be able to provide a time estimate once we’ve examined your home and prepared the concepts.

What’s involved in a site inspection? It includes the following aspects:


  • Assessing structural components which may impact on the design and installation – including flooring, walls, ceiling, roof construction, windows, and doors
  • Determining material use, including use of asbestos
  • Accessibility
  • Ventilation, plumbing, drainage, power and lighting services
  • Waterproofing
  • Demolition requirements
  • Assessing building information, plans, drawings, and materials data
  • Measuring the entire space.

Following a phone conversation, we organise a free quote at a convenient time for you. We’ll take note of what you’re saying, visualising possible options, and providing you with some ideas to meet your needs.


After-sales service.

When deciding on your kitchen design partner, consider how you’ll be taken care of, post-installation. Not that you want to think about ‘what if something goes wrong’, but it’s important to ask yourself. What if the cabinet doors don’t fit properly in the future? Houses do move over time and materials can shrink (and expand) with temperature changes.


Why hire a professional installer?

A qualified, licensed and experienced kitchen installer is trained to professionally review your site, with safety at the forefont of their minds. Our installers, for example, can inspect the wall construction to determine implications for cabinet installation. We’ll analyse structural features to inform our design recommendations. This site assessment is essential to building a kitchen that’s visually inspiring, functional, and with a layout that matches your needs.

You might be wondering what are the maintenance requirements after a kitchen installation. It comes back to the quality of the products you use. This is why we opt for the industry-best to maximise the lifespan (and reduce maintenance costs). Our designers will go through product warranties with you, so you can weigh up your options objectively, with a long-term perspective.

In fact, we can design it so your space requires almost no maintenance. Of course, there will be your everyday cleaning, but we can help reduce that costly structural maintenance. Something as simple as your choice of cabinets will make cleaning easier for healthier surfaces.


Designing for functionality.

Think about how you use your kitchen. Where do you store food items? Is there another way you prefer to do this? Putting appliances at the right height is a minor design strategy that we don’t consider. Planning a ‘landing space’ to put your ingredients on is another design feature. The way your cooking utensils are arranged matters, too. Something as simple as keeping your walkways wide and decluttered can help make even the smallest kitchens look (and feel) bigger.

There are lots of seemingly simple design methods that, when combined, make a big difference to the functionality of your space. This is the value of going through a professional team. There will be dozens of things that you don’t even consider but because we’ve remodelled and built thousands of kitchens, we know what works (and what doesn’t). Rely on our many years of design experience to bring your kitchen to life in a way that works for you.


Redesign the most popular room in your house

With a custom designed kitchen from Baldetti, you don’t need to worry about these things. A quick call to our office and we’ll be able to guide you through any issues. It’s all part of our service. While a DIY renovation job can be a fun weekend challenge, it’s best left to the professionals – especially with your kitchen being the most important room in your house. Consider health and safety needs, workmanship quality, and post-installation support.

Baldetti, your local kitchen masters. We design, install and repair all types of kitchens.