Custom Kitchen Designs

The Kitchen. The heart of every home.

The kids come home and use the kitchen bench as their ‘desk.’ Friends come over and you share a glass of wine, huddled around the cheese board. The kitchen doubles as your living room, office, and entertaining area. It’s so much more than just a place where you prepare meals. It’s the heart of every home. It should embody your personality, style, and taste(buds). Every home has a certain ambiance to it and our kitchen designers will help you discover yours. We can custom design your dream kitchen to fit your lifestyle needs and budget. Whether you plan to refurbish your old kitchen by replacing the doors or bench tops, or you’d like to pull everything out and start from scratch, we can work with you. Simple changes to creating from a blank canvas, you let us know what you’d like.

unique kitchen designs

Luxurious, yet practical living. Designed to how you live.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built hundreds of kitchens. We understand a beautiful, unique design is great to look at but if it’s not functional, it’s going to be frustrating. Vice versa, a smart design that doesn’t aesthetically inspire you isn’t great, either. With your vision and our design principles, your area will visually excite you and serve you, functionally.

With a Baldetti design, expect the best of everything. We only partner with trusted, high-quality brands. Our wide range of products come in a variety of colours and textures. With doors, for example, there’s solid timber wood, two-pack painted, and plain melamine. For the benchtops, the most common styles include laminate, marble, granite, and Caesarstone. If you’re thinking of adding a splashback, we recommend glass, tile or metaline.

Get more space to become that MasterChef.

There’s nothing a chef despises more than a cluttered space. We know that you need room to move, to be free to create. If you’re constantly struggling with a lack of space, we can help. Our designs are made to maximise and fit the size and look of your space.

We can custom make and build storage solutions and built-ins. Because you’re not restricted to set modular sizes, the skies the limit. Going custom is one way we ensure you effectively use every nook of your kitchen. With thousands of designs behind us, we’ll examine the space and offer suggestions to save space. Pull-out appliance nooks, racks, mini cupboards, hanging up pans, bottom racks, and enclosed cupboards are just a few ideas. While we’re there, if you need more space in other areas of your house, let us know.

Get design inspiration.

What makes custom-made designs amazing is its limitless options. You can ‘break all the rules’ and just do what feels right for you. Whether that’s contrasting cabinet colours, the use of a butcher block on the island, a tiled splashback, white on white with black accents, utilitarian stainless steel or exposed brick, if you envision it, we’ll do our best to create it to give you one of the best kitchens Adelaide.

Your kitchen’s colour palette is an important decision to make. While dark, moodier tones are trending (dark charcoal and copper features), but like every feature, it’s a personal preference. Layered colours and textures suit just about any design. For extra visual allure, explore features such as splashback tiles and organic-looking wide timber flooring. Be it sleek, contemporary urban chic or a cute, classic cottage feel, we can design it.

Minor changes to major overhauls.

Give your space a fresh new look with a few design adjustments or go all out and renovate. From start to finish, we take care of it all. The project planning, construction, delivery, and installation – so there’s minimal interruption to your daily life.

We understand remodels can be overwhelming and time-consuming. By having one contact, Baldetti, this stress is eliminated. Our skilled project management team will turn your old layout into the one you’ve been dreaming of, but one that also works for your lifestyle – giving thought to preparation areas, storage, and the way you use it to make cooking a dream.

Expect a combination of quality craftsmanship and modern design. From traditional fitted styles to contemporary open plan, we’ll build it to seamlessly fit your home. Your renovated kitchen will be fitted with premium hardware and made from carefully selected materials that will stand the test of time for years.

Investing in your home.

Modernising your kitchen adds value to your lifestyle and property. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your home’s commercial appeal, if you ever put it on the market. This area is one of the first things people look at – and you can use the renovation as one of the selling features.

The update doesn’t have to be dramatic if you just want a few simple changes. Do a mini-remodel by changing the benchtops and cabinets. Add a splash of colour to it and invest in new appliances. You don’t necessarily have to give it an entire facelift.

No matter how big or small your room update is, our team of designers measure and tailor all packages for quality control purposes. When you partner with Baldetti, you’ll enjoy the ease of only working with one company – for the custom measure, design, and build. And because we’ve been doing this for 30 years, our systems and processes are efficient, without compromising on quality.

If you’ve got a budget in mind, share this with us at the initial consultation. Collate any photos or design ideas you have, so we can start to get ‘inside’ your head. We want your new area to be a reflection of how you live and what you like. Organise your free quote today. Our designs and styles are as individual as each of our clients. There is no ‘one size fits all.’ With the wide range of materials, finishes and hardware options, every creation is different (and as is the cost).

Budgets vary for each quote. However, based on our experiences, they’ll range between $4,000 to $40,000. The lowest including a few simple, minimal requirements all the way through to a complete fit-out with high-quality materials.